Transformation Plan

Sunset Area Transformation Plan

What is the Sunset Area Transformation Plan (SATP)?

The Sunset Area Transformation Plan is a guiding document for reinvestment in the Sunset community. It was created as part of two U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD) applications (in 2015 and 2016) for a Choice Neighborhoods Implementation (CNI) grant and uses the Choice Neighborhoods model to redevelop the former Sunset Terrace public housing project and encourage community revitalization and transformation. The plan aims to increase the affordable and market-rate housing in the neighborhood, catalyze critical community improvements and private investment, provide additional human services and educational support,  build resident capacity, and provide more educational and employment opportunities for residents in the Sunset Area. Specific Housing, Neighborhood, and People strategies were created to respond to the high-priority needs and provide more opportunities for residents and businesses in the Sunset Area.

Who is involved with the SATP?

The Sunset Area Transformation Plan is a collaborative project between multiple local, regional, and national partners. The 2016 CNI  grant application had 28 partners. The principal partners were the King County Housing Authority (the Lead Applicant and the Housing Implementation Lead), the City of Renton (a Co-Applicant and Neighborhood Implementation Lead), the Renton Housing Authority (a Co-Applicant), Neighborhood House (the People Implementation Lead), and the Renton School District (the Principal Education Entity).

The plan also drew on community input from community meetings, resident and business surveys, and focus groups. Community engagement efforts have continued throughout the course of the project and has included public housing and community residents, businesses, schools, churches, service providers, government agencies, and neighborhood groups. More information on the community engagement can be found here.

Since the CNI grant application, our partners have continued to work together and identify collaborative opportunities. The Sunset Area Transformation Resource Council was established in 2016 while preparing the second CNI grant application.The Council continues to meet on a quarterly basis to engage stakeholders and give them opportunities to provide feedback and help enhance and implement  the Sunset Area Transformation Plan as it moves forward. The Council is facilitated by the City and includes representatives from the principal partners, all Anchor Institutions, service organizations, police, fire, business, target housing residents, and neighborhood residents and organizations.

Where is the plan focused?

The Sunset Area Transformation Plan focuses on revitalizing three target areas: 1) the Redevelopment Area, 2) the Improvement Area, and 3) the Business District. 

The Redevelopment Area

The Redevelopment Area is located on and around the former Sunset Terrace public housing site. The Redevelopment area has the highest priority and significant changes have already been undertaken. The Renton Housing Authority provided relocation assistance and/or replacement housing for all of the former Sunset Terrace public housing residents and the structures were demolished to open up space for the new Renton Highlands Library and the new Sunset Neighborhood Park, plus future affordable and market-rate housing to be built around the new park. The Renton Housing Authority has committed to a one-for-one replacement all of the units of the former Sunset Terrace.  To date, the agency has completed the Glennwood Townhomes and the Kirkland Avenue Townhomes. The Sunset Court Apartments are under construction and scheduled to be completed in the Fall 2018.

The Improvement Area

The Improvement Area focuses on improving the appearance and livability of Sunset’s residential areas where the majority of the WWII-era duplexes, triplexes, and four-plexes are located. Several projects in this area are already underway, including the acquisition and renovation of the former Renton Highlands Library for the Sunset Multi-Service and Career Development Center and the construction of 12 affordable homeownership units by the Homestead Community Land Trust. Future initiatives will be focused around helping to transform the appearance and livability of homes through exterior upgrades, weatherization, and code compliance initiatives. 

The Business District

Business District improvements are included in the plan. Potential future initiatives include building façade improvements, Sunset Boulevard placemaking art projects, and job training programs to help increase revenue for existing businesses and provide more employment opportunities for residents in the neighborhood.