Community Engagement

2009 Community Investment EIS Workshop
2009 Community Investment EIS Workshop
2014 Community meeting on Sunset Area Neighborhood Park

Community Engagement Efforts

Throughout the planning and implementation of the Sunset Area Transformation Plan we have integrated community involvement that has included public housing and community residents, businesses, schools, churches, service providers, government agencies, and neighborhood groups. Below are our community engagement efforts from 2005 to 2016:


  • Community Involvement in Transformation Planning
  • Community Meetings
  • Task Force #1
  • Task Force #2
  • Community Engagement


  • Community Investment Strategy
  • Environmental Impact Statement and Planned Action
  • Choice Neighborhoods Meetings


Sunset Area Transformation Resource Council was established in 2016 while in the works of reapplying for a Choice Neighborhoods Implementation grant. The transformation resource council was intended to engage stakeholders, giving them opportunities to provide feedback and help guide the Sunset Area Transformation Plan as it moves forward. The team meets monthly and is facilitated by our lead entities. The members of the council includes representatives from all Anchor Institutions, service organizations, police, fire, business, target housing residents, and neighborhood residents and organizations.