Housing Strategy

About the Strategy

The Sunset Area Transformation Plan’s Housing Strategy began with a vision of transforming the Sunset neighborhood by replacing the former distressed 100-unit Sunset Terrace public housing project with high-quality mixed income units.

So far, three replacement housing projects have been completed: Glenwood Townhomes, Kirkland Townhomes, and the Sunset Court Apartments. Additional housing projects are planned for on and around the Sunset Terrace site and will include a combination of new and rehabilitated, low-income and market rate units.

You can view the 2016 Housing Strategy Summary here

Principal Partner

Renton Housing Authority


Improving Housing Opportunities


Increase opportunities for investment in the housing market and prioritize solutions to address unmet housing needs


Healthy, affordable housing available to current and new residents

Current Projects in the Housing Strategy

Not all projects in the 2016 Housing Strategy have funding, but many of them are being implemented as funding becomes available. Below are some of the current projects.

Sunset Court Apartments opened this fall. It is the third replacement housing project for Sunset Terrace. This project features 50 homes, made up of a variety of 3-bedroom townhomes and 1-, 2-, and 3- bedroom apartments. Sunset Court is ready for leasing–if interested, contact Quantum Management, 425-524-6115.

Renton Housing Authority Modernization Project

RHA Modernization Project

The Renton Housing Authority is working to update several of their existing complexes, including Cedar River Terrace, Cedar Park, and Golden Pines. These facilities will be undergoing interior and exterior upgrades. 

Renton Housing Authority Pipeline Projects

The Renton Housing Authority is currently evaluating the feasibility of three future Sunset projects anticipated to be in their development pipeline. One of these projects–Sunset Oaks–recently received $5 million from King County to support its completion.

Sunset Oaks

Sunset Terrace Apartments

Edmonds Apartments