Transformation Plan


The Renton team has been working since 2014 to create the Sunset Area Transformation Plan based on the HUD Choice Neighborhoods Implementation (CNI) model.  The transformation plan is intended to help develop and expand existing opportunities in the Sunset Area to better respond to community needs so that more residents can live self-sufficient lives. The plan focuses on revitalizing three target areas including the ‘Redevelopment Area’, the ‘Improvement Area’, and the ‘Business District’. The Redevelopment Area is located on and around the former Sunset Terrace public housing site. The Redevelopment site will have the highest priority, as it will include improvements to housing and new and existing amenities. The Improvement Area is located primarily in the R-8 and R-14 zoned areas where majority of the World War II duplexes are located, many of which could benefit from additional maintenance and improvements. The Business District will includes building façade improvements and Sunset Boulevard placemaking art projects to help increase revenue for existing businesses and attract more retail investment. The Sunset Area Transformation Plan includes specific Housing, Neighborhood, and People strategies as outlined below to respond to the high-priority needs and provide more opportunities for residents and businesses in the Sunset Area.



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Sunset Area Transformation Plan Strategy Areas


The Transformation Plan responds to three specific strategies. Click on the links below for more details.

+ Housing

+ People

+ Neighborhood


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