Sunset Blvd. Fence Art Project

The Sunset Blvd. Fence Art Project is a City initiative the City to make improvements to the NE Sunset Blvd Fence (located between Edmonds and Harrington Ave NE) in the Sunset neighborhood of the Renton Highlands. This project will beautify an 800-foot long fence through a combination of weaving colored privacy tape and attaching community-designed plaques.

The artist team, MxM Creative was brought on board to engage the neighborhood in a community-driven design process. Three public meetings were held to gather words and images of importance to the area. These images were then drawing by community members and students at community drawing sessions. 

Thank you to all the community members who participated in this process! 

Sunset Blvd. Fence Art Opening

Our artists are hard at work to install the 800 feet of fence weaving, and soon we will have our community designed plaques to adhere to the fence. We plan to have a project opening in June. Please check back for more info!

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