Sunset Area Multi-Service and Career Development Center

Community Advisory Committee

The Community Advisory Committee provides feedback and input on the Sunset Multi Service Center. 

Participants can:

  • Help spread the word about the Center
  •  Provide feedback on community outreach plans
  • Interact with Multi-Service Center partners to help shape project plans
  • Help plan the Grand Opening event
  • Connect with the community

Project Description

The Sunset Multi-Service & Career Development Center is an integral part of the Sunset Area Transformation Plan and a critical community improvement to more effectively respond to the human service needs of residents in the neighborhood and surrounding community. The Renton Housing Authority purchased the 6,500-square foot former Renton Highlands Library from the City in March 2018, and is working with Neighborhood House to secure capital funds to repurpose and renovate the facility for the center. RHA has committed $885,000 to the project for acquisition of the facility. 

Once completed, the center will serve as an anchor facility for education, training, health, and social services for public housing and other low-income residents who live in the Sunset Area and surrounding community. The goal is to raise the remaining funds, finalize the design, and complete the renovations in order to start providing services at the Sunset Multi-Service and Career Development Center in 2019.

Get Involved!

Are you interested in helping bring better services to Sunset? Join the Community Advisory Committee for the Sunset Multi Service Center to help bring this project life. To get involved, contact Stephanie Snyder at stephanies (at) ​

Money Raised
3.2 Million

This project would not be possible without the generous contributions of our funders. Many thanks to our project contributors: 

  • Renton Housing Authority
  • State of Washington
  • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
  • City of Renton
  • First Financial Northwest Foundation/Renton Regional Community Foundation

Help Us Reach Our Goal!

We want the residents of Sunset to thrive. Your gift to the Sunset Multi-Service Center will help create connections to services to meet resident's health and development needs. To donate to the capital campaign to support building renovations, please send your gift to Renton Region Non-Profit Housing Corporation, UBI #601814126, 2900 NE 10th St, Renton, WA 98056