Neighborhood Strategy

The Neighborhood Strategy includes projects that address the needs identified by Sunset Area residents and businesses. The Neighborhood strategy are made up of Critical Community Improvement (CCI) projects that target the Redevelopment Area, the Improvement Area, and the Business District. It also includes public safety initiatives that responds to needs that address priority needs identified by Sunset residents and business owners.


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Sunset Area Transformation Plan Strategy Areas


Redevelopment Area CCI Project

  • Sunset Neighborhood Park playground and adult exercise area


Sunset Neighborhood Park Master Plan


Improvement Area CCI Project

  • Sunset Multi-Service and Career Development Center
  • 12 units of Affordable Homeownership Development
  • 40 units of Residential Façade Improvements
  • 90 units with Code Compliance Grants
  • Green Connections/Safe Routes to School


Business District CCI Projects

  • 5 to 10 Business Façade Improvements
  • 5 Sunset Boulevard Placemaking projects


Public Safety Initiatives

  • Directed Enforcement Team

A Renton Police Department “storefront” will be implemented in the Highlands/Sunset Area that will reach out to property owners and residents, forming a coalition that will effectively respond to crime in the area.

  • Sunset Proactive Code Compliance and Community Relations

The City’s code compliance and enforcement initiative will ensure building and neighborhood standards are being met.

  • Neighborhood and Code Compliance Sponsored Clean-Ups

Coupled with the City’s Proactive Code Compliance programs, there will be a “Fence Up””, “Brush Up”, and “Rake Up” projects, along with Sunset Tire Collection Drive and Sunset Adopt a Road Program. The “Fence Up” program will include volunteers that will help improve existing fences/walls that require repainting or removal of “tagging”. The “Brush Up” program will include City volunteers who will paint five senior and disabled residents’ homes in the Sunset Area that are in need of maintenance. Lastly, the “Rake Up” program will include community volunteers to help remove loose vegetation/debris from thirty elderly/disabled residents’ properties.